Odell Beckham Jr. has made a career out of using his hands.

He almost made one out of using his feet.

The star New York Giants wide receiver may be entrenched as a face of the NFL, but football wasn't his first passion when it came to sports. And it turns out, at least according to Beckham himself, he almost pursued another game entirely.

Appearing on Kevin Hart's new series, Beckham revealed this week that OBJ almost became an icon kicking balls rather than catching them.

"When I was about 13," he said, "I was going to go join the (U.S. men's soccer) national team, but growing up how we grew up, you couldn't just leave the country and go play another sport, so I had to stick with basketball, baseball and football."

The latter came "easy" to him, he added, so football it was. And yet, still, it's tantalizing to imagine the Giants' Pro Bowl target scooting around the soccer field -- the international soccer field, no less -- rather than going up against NFL cornerbacks.

This isn't exactly like Jalen Ramsey saying he could make the NHL if he had six months to train, either.

"Soccer was the first sport I played since I was 3," Beckham said.

For at least the Giants' sake, it's probably a good thing he made the switch.