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If there's one thing that's nearly impossible to do in the NFL, it's going undefeated. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, only two teams have managed to make it through an entire regular season without losing a game. 

The first instance came in 1972 when the Dolphins rolled to a 14-0 record on their way to a perfect 17-0 season that included a win in Super Bowl VII. It took more than three decades before we saw another team go undefeated, but it happened again in 2007 when the Patriots finished the year with a 16-0 record before losing in the Super Bowl. 

Now that the NFL is playing a 17-game schedule, it's highly unlikely we see a team go undefeated this year, but if it does happen, almost everyone seems to agree on who the team that's most likely to pull it off: The Buffalo Bills. 

According to Caesar Sportsbook, the Bills have drawn more bets to go undefeated than the other 31 teams COMBINED. 

As of July 15, there had been 19 bets placed on the Bills to go 17-0, but just 14 bets placed on every other team combined. Of those 14 bets that have been placed on other teams, the Cowboys and Rams have received the most with each team getting three bets

If the Bills do go undefeated, those 19 bettors will see a serious return on their money. According to one betting site, the Bills have a 35-to-1 chance of going 17-0 during the regular season, which means if you bet $100 on it to happen, you'd make a nice profit of $3,500 if Buffalo were to go undefeated. 

That being said, going undefeated won't be easy for the Bills because they have a pretty rough schedule that includes both Super Bowl teams (Bengals and Rams) plus the Chiefs and Packers. 

The interesting thing about the Bills and Rams drawing the most bets to go undefeated is that one of them is almost certainly going to lose in Week 1 since they play each other. The worst case scenario for most bettors would be a tie, because it would mean that neither team can finish 17-0 (The bet you can make on Caesars Sportsbook is for the team to win exactly 17 games and they won't be able to do that if there's a tie). 

As for the Cowboys, they're drawing bets to go undefeated even though they're an UNDERDOG in Week 1. For the opening week of the season, the Cowboys are a 2-point home underdog to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Personally, I don't think we'll see any team go undefeated, but if I HAD to place a bet right now, I'd probably go with the Colts. On their 2022 schedule, the Colts only have to face four teams that won 10 or more games last season (Chiefs, Titans, Cowboys, Patriots). Also, they're in one of the NFL's easiest divisions and they get to play the NFC East in their cross-conference matchup this year.