The premier of Manitoba wasn't pleased with the NFL's latest attempt to bring American Football to Canada. Brian Pallister announced during a campaign stop Friday that the game "didn't work out the way they wanted" after the size of the field was changed from 100 yards to 80 yards in response to the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders being unhappy with the field conditions. 

Stadium officials had to use a patch of temporary turf to cover up the spot where the CFL usually puts its field goal posts at the front of the goal line, causing the teams to play on an 80-yard field with the end zone pylons placed at the 10-yard line. 

"Organizers tried to do something that hadn't been done before," Pallister said (via the AP), "so let's give them respect and credit for trying." 

The game was played at IG Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, home of the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The CFL is in the middle of their season, but the turf on the field forced the NFL to take action prior to the game. 

First, the NFL playing field was shortened from 100 to 80 yards and the pylons were at the 10-yard line signaling the end zone. Why did the NFL have to adjust the field and monitor the turf?  

NFL Field

CFL Field


100 X 53 1/3 yards (midfield line 50 yards)

110 x 65 (midfield line 55 yards)

End Zones

10 yards deep

20 yards deep

Total Length

120 yards

150 yards

Goal Posts

Back of end zone

Front of end zone

The CFL has an 110-yard field to start, different than an NFL field. Midfield is the 55-yard line instead of the 50 like the NFL uses. The field is 12 yards wider than an NFL field. CFL end zones are 20 yards deep compared to NFL end zones which are 10 yards deep. The goalposts are at the front of the end zone instead of the back like in the NFL. 

The total length of a CFL field is 150 yards with the width 65 yards. CFL hash marks are marked 24 yards in from the sidelines of the field, compared to 18 1/2 yards by the NFL. 

Attendance was 21,992 at the 33,000-seat stadium for the preseason affair, one which the Green Bay Packers sat 33 players, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers