Week 2 of the Alliance of American Football saw plenty of excitement, but nothing was more exhilarating than what happened in the middle of the San Diego Fleet's first touchdown drive of the season. The exhilaration was not the actual touchdown, but this, from Fleet QB Philip Nelson and tight end Gavin Escobar.

Is that a no-look pass? You're damned right it is! And guess who took notice? None other than Patrick Mahomes, who decided that now that somebody has thrown a BACKWARDS no-look, he needs to step his game up. 

Mahomes' no-look was just a pedestrian cross-body throw to get multiple defenders off the scent of where his intended target actually was. Ho-hum. 

Maybe he can somehow combine the no-look with the lefty throw and the scramble and the downfield launch to give us the best throw anybody has ever seen? 

Mahomes' first full season as the starter in Kansas City was pretty incredible, what with the 5,097 passing yards and the 50 touchdown passes and all the completely ridiculous plays. But now that he feels he's got to top what happened in the AAF, we're all going to have to be ready for even more insanity next season.