This spring, the Rams were reportedly one of two teams headed to China to play a regular-season game during the 2018 season. On Tuesday, Sports Business Daily identified the 49ers as the other team, adding that the game "will most likely serve as the Rams' home opener, although no date has been determined."

"We have not announced the Rams' opponent in the event we play a game there," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told SBD. "We have said we are exploring playing a game there but nothing is definitive."

This is no doubt part of the league's effort at international expansion. The NFL has played multiple regular-season games in London for years (the Rams will do so in 2016 and possibly 2017), the Raiders and Texans will play in Mexico City in 2016, and the expectation is that Germany may be in the mix at some point.

And while expanding the brand globally means more money in owners' pockets, not everyone is on board. An report published in April revealed that both the Packers and Giants objected to the NFL's plan to host games in China.

"We would not be in support of that," Packers president Mark Murphy said at the NFL owners meeting in March. "That's such a long trip. If they do it, it would make sense for West Coast teams -- shorter trip for them. But that wouldn't be something we would want to do."

Giants owner John Mara added: "I think there's a feeling that our game could be very attractive over there and generate a lot of interest. But I'm sure not volunteering to play over there. That's a tough trip. I don't know how you do that. You certainly have to give them a week off afterward. And even a week before -- it's a pretty tough trip."