Randle was the Cowboys' starting back until injuries and off-field troubles ended his run. USATSI

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has run into a string of legal troubles of late. Those troubles began while he was still in the NFL, but have escalated since the Cowboys released him midway through last season after a string of ineffective and injury-riddled performances as their starting running back.

Randle, who is currently on trial for charges ranging from assault to drug possession, had that trial stalled recently after the judge in the case ordered him to undergo a mental competency hearing, according to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

The court reviewed a report from COMCARE -- Wichita's mental health center -- and heard other arguments ... before finding Randle is, in fact, mentally capable to participate in a trial.

Still, the judge believes Randle needs some mental help -- and has ordered Randle to a mental health facility ... if he's eventually released on bond.

The charges in the case at hand stem from Randle's conduct at a house party in February, where he allegedly attacked guests and then ran over three people in his car on his way to leave the party. While awaiting trial, Randle was arrested again, and faces felony charges of criminal threat for allegedly threatening a deputy in the prison.

He had previously been arrested for failure to appear in court, and was charged with violations ranging from marijuana possession to aggravated battery to shoplifting.