Sheriff won't let 'model inmate' Aaron Hernandez get married in jail

Aaron Hernandez has been a
Aaron Hernandez has been a "model inmate," but he's not getting married in jail. (USATSI)

It seems like every single day that goes by, we've got something new popping up in the periphery of Aaron Hernandez's case (the former Patriots tight end, released a week ago, is being held in jail on a murder charge, if you somehow missed that). Tuesday's bizarrely timed report of a one-car crash that killed an associate of Hernandez was perhaps the most ... odd of them all.

It's nice, then, to at least find out from Bristol County (Mass.) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson that Hernandez has been a "model inmate."

"So far, since he first came, from the day when I met with him, he's been pretty much a model inmate," Hodgson said on NFL Network on Wednesday morning. "He's not been showing any signs of nervousness, he's been very polite and he's been very respectful."

Despite Hernandez's good behavior inside the confined walls of Bristol County's finest penal colony, though, Sheriff Hodgson made it clear that he doesn't plan to allow Hernandez to get married while inside the walls.

"When I came [to this jail], I took the weights out, I took the TVs out of the cells, we don't have coffee," Hodgson said. "I've told people, 'Look, if you come to prison, we're not going to use taxpayer dollars on what you otherwise could get on the outside when you make good choices.' So we're not going to revamp our entire security system to perform marriages inside our prison.

"If you want to get married, what you do is, you stay out of jail."

Well, in this case, Hernandez probably wants to get married so that he can limit the degree to which his fiancee can be compelled to testify against him, in the event that she knows anything about what's being alleged of Hernandez.

It's possible that Hernandez could circumvent Hodgson's authority, but the sheriff has also said he'll fight Hernandez trying to get married in prison as hard as he possibly can.

Regardless of how well behaved the former Patriots tight end has been since he landed in the clink.

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