Stevie Johnson jokingly suggests North Korea bomb Foxborough

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson's recent comments caused a bit of a stir on Twitter. (USATSI)

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson likes to be in the spotlight. When he's not dropping game-winning touchdown passes, he's getting fined for his wacky endzone celebrations.

So when a photograph of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un surfaced last week with a map in the background showing potential missile targets in the mainland United States, Johnson felt it was his time to make light of the situation.

It goes without saying, of course, that Johnson is trying to make a joke. He doesn't really want to see Foxborough get nuked. 

He said as much a few hours later following the inevitable Twitter-rage from his followers.

OK, got it. But really, Stevie, you can't be that surprised people took your joke too seriously, can you?

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