The most popular fantasy football team names on

It's one of the most important decisions you'll make this August.

That is, after wrestling with the dilemma of, "Do I watch The Canyons for nude Lindsay Lohan scenes?"

The decision? What to call your fantasy team.

Sure there are the people who lean on the same team name year after year, shucking current events in favor of some semblance of permanence.

I have no time for those people.

Neither do you all, apparently.

You, fellow fantasy football players, made uber-topical Carlos Danger the most chosen new team name from July 16th-August 5th, further galvanizing the fact that fantasy football and sexting scratch the same testosterone fueled itch we wll have.

But you may be thinking, "Carlos Danger? That's so July."

I hear ya. And in the interest of not repeating history, it's important to know one's history. I present to you some of the more intriguing, and popular, fantasy team names from 2012. Because friends don't let friends have bad fantasy team names.

A few things you'll notice: 

-- The Ferrell is still strong among these parts
-- Things that connect sexual acts/sexual organs and football are popular. Who knew?
-- Lots of people simply leave their team name as their real name (I mean, at least try, you know?)
-- A show loosely based on fantasy football is a treasurve trove of reference material for you all

Without further ado, I present to you, the top 10 fantasy team names of 2012. 

  1. Show me your TDs 
  2. Mean Machine 
  3. Steel Curtain 
  4. Prestige Worlwide 

5. Mike 
6. Bulldogs
7. Da Bears
8. Cowboys 
9. Balls Deep 
10. Cleveland Steamers 

Other notable team names:
-- Victorious Secret
-- Cobra Kai
-- Multiple Scorgasms
-- Goodfellas
-- Legion of Doom
-- The Replacements
-- The Commish
-- Team RamRod

-- Urine Trouble
-- Old School
-- 69ers
-- Shake N Bake
-- He Hate Me
-- One Man Wolfpack
-- Sexual Chocolate
-- Carlos Danger
-- Heisenberg

-- Forgetting Brandon Marshall
-- Suck My Ditka
-- Joe Buck Yourself
-- Vinegar Strokes
-- --Vandelay Industries
-- More Cowbell
-- My Vick in a Box
-- Polk High
-- Discount Double Check
-- Turd Ferguson
-- Breaston Plants
-- Sweep the Leg
-- Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
-- Mr Mc Gibblets

-- Chalupa Batman

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