Collecting sports memorabilia can get expensive, and it doesn't get cheaper when collectors start hunting the biggest names out there. Following his win in Super Bowl LI and a record fourth Super Bowl MVP, it doesn't get any bigger than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Which is why Brady is charging an arm and a leg to get his autograph. During an upcoming session with Tristar Memorabilia (as confirmed by TMZ), fans could pay more than $2,000 per autograph in order to get TB12's signature.

Here's the full price breakdown from TriStar's page for autographing various items:

Item to be signed Price
Licensed trading card $499
Flat item up to 11x14 $799
Flat item larger than 11x14, mini helmet, football $819
Full-sized helmet or licensed jersey (no numbers) $849
Reproduced artwork, canvas or item with 5+ signatures on it $1,399
Original artwork, game-used item or anything else $1,999

But wait, there's more (money to be spent)! If anyone wants to get a custom inscription from Brady, it's going to cost even more money.

Getting one of the following inscriptions -- 4x SB MVP, SB 51 MVP, SB 49 MVP, SB 38 MVP, SB 36 MVP, 16-0 '07 -- will cost an extra $299.

Getting one of the following -- 2x NFL MVP, 5x SB Champ, SB 51 Champs, 07 NFL MVP, 10 NFL MVP -- will cost an extra $399.

And having Brady put a custom, personalized note to go with his autograph (up to 20 characters) will cost the fan/collector $499.

In other words, having Brady put a custom note to go with his autograph will cost more than the entire photo session / mini-helmet / custom autograph package that former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is selling.

And it doesn't seem like there will actually be any face time with Brady, but instead it will be mailed to the company, signed and sent back. For $2,000 you won't even get to stare at Brady's devastatingly handsome face.

He might just be hanging out in an unknown Montana location, printing money with an ink pen.

Of course, this is the guy who has a cookbook he sells for $200, so at this point, really anything goes.