WATCH: Colts-Bills snow game goes completely off rails, Vinatieri hits PAT

The Colts-Bills matchup in Buffalo on Sunday has been a winter wonderland of delight, with the two mid-level NFL teams battling it out to a 7-7 stalemate that headed to overtime. As most games are when there's tons of snow involved, this game was pretty wild. 

Things got real crazy during the final minute of regulation -- and we nearly got a rare Colts 8-7 victory. Instead, silliness occurred and it went to overtime. 

With time melting off the clock, the Colts marched down the field and got themselves in position to take a gamble. They did just that, scoring a touchdown to pull within one. 

Chuck Pagano did the obvious -- which, frankly, was a little surprising -- and decided to go for two. The play call was excellent, this triple-option jump pass type of play that got the Bills defenders charging forward and then allowed Jacoby Brissett to easily complete the pass for two and a probable victory. It was basically the touchdown play but to the left side. 

Unfortunately for the Colts, there was a flag for offensive pass interference, which, frankly, is just stupid. These guys have been playing in the snow for 59 minutes and you're going to throw that flag on a two-point conversion? The referees might be the NFL's biggest problem. But anyway, that moved the ball back to the point that the Colts had to kick the extra point. 

The move back also meant the Colts were in a spot where no snow had been previously cleared. Shenanigans ensued.

And that's when Adam Vinatieri stepped up and unleashed his kicking magic. The future Hall of Famer has done a lot of things in the clutch over the years and continues to defy Father Time, but this kick in particular was something truly special. 

It was a daggum curveball that definitely looked like it was going to be no good off his foot -- Bills players started celebrating! -- and then all of a sudden came careening back in to go through the uprights.

It all ended up being meaningless, however, because the Colts would punt in overtime, Joe Webb would heave a ball down the field and then LeSean McCoy would rip everyone's hearts out.

The only way to feel worse than a Colts fan? If you were holding a Colts +3.5 ticket or the Bills season over/under 6.5. You just lost both on one play. I'm so sorry for your loss(es). 

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