WATCH: Mark Ingram gets horse collared by Italian airport security dog on NFL USO Tour

There are some headlines you never expect to see yourself actually put into print and then there are headlines like this: "Mark Ingram gets attacked by Italian security dog on purpose during NFL USO Tour." Just gotta admit, did not see that coming in any shape or form.

But here we are, getting a full video of Ingram being run down by an Italian security dog, as captured by NFL Media's Marc Sessler, who is along for the ride with Ingram, Rex Ryan, Mario Addison and others on the USO Tour.

The video is getting a lot of chuckles on social media, but it's sort of disturbing. If this isn't a grown man and it isn't a dog trained for security purposes, someone is having an outrage fest over the need to put the dog down. 

Also, shouldn't the Saints be FREAKING OUT about this? Ingram, who needs to be healthy in order to be good at his job, is completely horse collared by that dog. Imagine if he broke his collarbone there. 

"Listen, man, the dog video. There's a lot that goes into it. It was a crazy situation. Everybody ... I was peer pressured. I haven't fell into peer pressure my whole life, and they peer pressured me to go out here and get attacked by this dog," Ingram explained in a different video. "So the first time, he just ran up and bit my arm. I handled him. The second time, bit my arm. I handled him. The third time, they said 'run away from him' so I said I'm going to run. And everyone was like 'juke him, juke him,' and the dog looked excited so I'm not going to juke him. So I started running, then I saw him behind me, so I said, let me spin out of it, then I spun and he got my arm and he slung me, he horse collared me. 

"But I got up like a champ, because I'm a beast! I can't let him hold me down. I'm a bad mother. But the dog was a beast, I'll tell you that."

This somehow makes it all worse. Ingram not only was somehow peer pressured into being ATTACKED BY A DOG (is that better than drinking or drugs?) and then allowed the dog to attack him three times.

On the bright side, this does make for an amazing video, a good lesson for the kids (don't get attacked by dogs, m'kay) and a friendly reminder that Ingram is a very talented running back because he shrugged off a police dog multiple times before finally being taken to the ground. Opponents take notice.

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