MINNEAPOLIS -- Super Bowl LII might very well swing on a Tom Brady ... catch? The Patriots ran a trick play in the second quarter on a third down that ended up with Danny Amendola attempting a pass to Tom Brady that should have easily been a first down for New England and instead resulted in them going for and failing to get a fourth down on the next play.

The Patriots were starting to march into Eagles territory and had an opportunity to take the lead with a touchdown, but on third down they decided to get real weird and take the ball out of Brady's hands.

It was a good play, with James White pitching to Amendola, who then threw the ball in Brady's direction. But the G.O.A.T., as it turns out, actually CAN'T throw the ball and catch by himself, and he got gator arms on what would have been an easy first down. 

There wasn't anyone near him when the ball hit his hands. 

As you might expect, Twitter had a real good time.

This was a big play for Vegas too, as there is always a prop on how many passes will be attempted. The over/under for this game was 2.5 -- you get the free two attempts from the quarterbacks obviously, but you need some kind of trick play in order to hit the over.

Amendola's pass gave over bettors a nice little thrill. Unfortunately Brady couldn't deliver to do the same for Patriots fans.