The Boston Bruins had some special guests on their last road trip and return home to the TD Garden: Their mothers. The B's moms were invited by the team to watch the game against the Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena and then back at home for a contest against the Winnipeg Jets

After a rough and frustrating last few weeks on the ice for Boston, the moms brought some good luck. The Bruins beat the Preds 6-2 and beat the Jets 5-4.

Bruins left winger Jake DeBrusk said that having them there definitely motivates the team. 

"I think anytime they bring the emotion and the mojo, I call it, it definitely helps out the team," he said. "We could probably hear them in the stands as well (while we were) on the ice. We heard them pretty much after the game all screaming. So it's a lot of support, for sure."

DeBrusk was glad the team could show off in front of their mothers, "Obviously having the moms around is always a good time to start playing well." 

DeBrusk's mother Cindy joined him for the entire postgame scrum and was chiming in during the interview.

Cindy, wearing a No. 74 jersey and a Bruins hat, was smiling throughout the entire thing and said the entire experience has been amazing. She said there was a lot of home cooking and "Lots of love, lots of hugs, lots of fun."

She commented on how the Bruins have welcomed the moms and how great spending time with her son has been.

She said:

"I'd love to stay, I'd love to stay. It's been an unbelievable few days. The Bruins have treated us so well and so it's precious to have times with these guys. He's far away, right? We're a long way from home so it's been amazing."

Cindy was not shy about talking to the media and like a typical mom, wanted to make sure they were going easy on him. She said a lot of the team was not feeling great leading up to the game and giving her son a hug, said, "Don't be too hard on him."

Veteran Patrice Bergeron was appreciative of the group of moms being along for the trip and used it as an opportunity to thank them. 

"All the sacrifices they've done for us and our families over the years have been tremendous," he said. "Sometimes we don't have a chance to thank them enough for everything they've done, so it's a nice opportunity for us to be here [in Nashville] and share a few days with them ... We can't thank them enough for everything that they've done."

He added that the moms were very excited and they shared lots of laughs throughout the trip.

Right winger David Pastrnak commented on the few days the team was able to spend with their moms and said it was great to have them there for some wins. Pastrnak was showing off in front of his mom and brother who attended the game, scoring a hat trick. 

The Bruins will try to get it done without their squad of moms in the crowd when they face the New York Islanders on Saturday.