VIDEO: Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully previews LA Stadium Series

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Vin Scully makes everything sound cooler. It’s true. Don’t believe me? Check out this brief video narrated by Scully in which the legendary Dodgers broadcaster previews the Stadium Series contest between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings.

The voice of summer for more than 60 years, Scully has become as much a part of the Dodgers as anyone else. When he lends his voice to something, it almost raises its level of importance of whatever it is he is describing. There really isn’t any other broadcaster in sports who can do that. To have him involved in the Stadium Series even in the briefest of capacities is a nice feather in the NHL’s cap.

If you think Scully doesn't know much about getting around a rink, you'd be wrong. As you may know, Scully often sprinkles in stories during his broadcasts of some of his fond memories of former players and other events in baseball. During one Dodgers game, Scully shared the story of the time he raced the great Jackie Robinson on ice skates and it's just about the most wonderful thing you'll hear.

Here's a few snips from this awesome story:

"So Jackie is putting his skates on in the dressing room and he says, 'When we get out there, I'd like to race you.' I'm like, 'Jack, I didn't know you ice skated. You're from southern California. I mean, football and baseball, but I didn't know ice skating.'

"And Jackie said, 'I've never been on skates in my life. I want to race you because that's how I'm going to learn.'"

Just the best.

The game at Dodger Stadium will be a unique moment in the league's history and the level of buzz it's drawn has certainly shown that the NHL’s gamble on more outdoor hockey may end up paying off after all. 

If you weren't quite ready for the Stadium Series just yet, Vin Scully is here to help.

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