VIDEO: Linesman knocked out while trying to break up BCHL fight

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In the ongoing evolution of fighting in hockey, one thing that is often discussed is the role of the officials. In the NHL, for example, the league is asking the officials to do a little more to manage fights despite the dangers involved.

Those dangers were on full display in the BCHL over the weekend in a game between Prince George and the Vernon Vipers.

When things got heated in a scrum by the boards, fists inevitably began flailing. Trying to calm the situation down, one linesman got directly in between two fights and did his best to break things up. He got a punch square to the face and left a pool of blood on the ice for his troubles.

Pretty brutal, one punch and he was done for the count on the ice. Unfortunately with officials being asked more and more to try and difuse situations at all levels of hockey, scenes like this could become more common.

Officials already have a tough job; their role as peace-makers that is sometimes forgotten makes it all that much tougher.

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