VIDEO: Mr. T shoots from center ice in Chicago, correctly predicts pain

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As is tradition during the second intermission in Chicago, the Blackhawks had their usual center-ice shootout competition. Often times, one of the three contestants is somebody of fame, sometimes local stars or sometimes they are awesome stars. Like Mr. T.

That's right, the great Mr. T. The great Clubber Lang took part in the festivities on Tuesday night and it was all you would expect from Mr. T. Of course he made a prediction before his shot ... of PAIN! He also had plenty of pity for the puck. And no, he didn't practice. Mr. T doesn't need to practice.

If Mr. T wants to shoot the puck, Mr. T can shoot the puck. And if Mr. T misses? Well it's a setup, as he shouted just before the cameras cut away. Terrific.

PS, I love the patriotic bandana with the Blackhawks sweater. This guy rules.

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