In this episode: The Roman Reigns experiment continues to be a failure, so much so that Nick Kostos had to jump into the fray and Book the Damn Territory alongside Brian Campbell and Adam Silverstein at the start of the show (5:05). After Well-Dressed Nick said his piece, BC and The Silver King continued on discussing the massive success of All In and what it means for the business going forward (36:20). The guys then break down Daniel Bryan's recent storylines (1:00:06) and a head-scratcher of a booking decision involving Ronda Rousey (1;09:33) before "Mean" Gene Okerlund stops by to discuss his new Mountain Dew Kickstart ad campaign with actor Kevin Hart and his storied career (1:19:45). After some quick thoughts on Hulk Hogan (1:31:25), the episode wraps up with your DM slides (1:34:40), including thoughts on AJ Styles-Shinsuke Nakamura, Bret Hart's place in history and what's next for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

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