Seth Rollins seems to be sticking with WWE. Rollins reportedly signed a new deal that will keep the former WWE and world heavyweight champion with the professional wrestling leader.

Rollins' WWE contract was reportedly set to expire next month. Professional wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful first reported the news of Rollins re-signing. Neither Rollins nor WWE have acknowledged the reports.

Rollins is currently sidelined with a knee injury that required surgery. Rollins worked through the injury, wrestling two matches at WrestleMania 40 in April. Rollins teamed with Cody Rhodes in a losing effort to The Rock and Roman Reigns on April 6 before losing his world heavyweight championship to Drew McIntyre on April 7.

Speaking of McIntyre, the Scottish superstar recently signed a new WWE deal. McIntyre's previous contract with the company was set to expire with many wondering if the two parties reached an agreement. The Rock initially confirmed McIntyre's re-signing by presenting him with a Claymore -- a Scottish medieval sword synonymous with McIntyre in WWE. McIntyre confirmed he was sticking with WWE two days later.

Another major superstar whose contract expires soon is women's world champion Becky Lynch. The reigning champion, who shares a 3-year-old child with her husband Rollins, told "The MMA Hour" in April that two months remained on her existing WWE contract. Despite Lynch's unknown contract status, it's unlikely WWE would have booked her to win the women's world title on April 22 if there were strong indications she'd be leaving the company.