LOOK: Older woman mistakes rapper T-Pain for WWE's The New Day in an airport

T-Pain was just walking through a New York airport recently with his bodyguard and manager when a woman passing by had an epiphany -- or at least thought she did.

The older woman asked him to freeze and wondered whether he and his friends if they were the wrestling trio The New Day. T-Pain couldn't believe it. He'd been chopped and screwed by a total stranger walking through LaGuardia.

After T-Pain told her, "It ain't me," he took to Instagram to share a comparison between the two trios and laugh at the mishap.

The ringleader man continued on his way, captioning the photo "We died! We got roasted by an old lady lol." He also tagged The New Day trio Big E, Kofi and Austin Creed in the photo.

The rapper had a sense of humor about it, and honestly, look at that resemblance. It's an honest mistake.

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