Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena are pairing up with one another yet again. No, it's not to enter a third installment into their WrestleMania series; rather this time, the WWE legends are getting together to make what they hope will be Hollywood magic. 

Johnson announced Monday that Cena has landed the lead role in the upcoming film "The Janson Directive," a project being produced by Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions studio. According to Variety, the lead role was originally slated for Johnson, but due to his ultra-busy schedule, all parties felt it was best to move forward with the former WWE champion in the producer role.

With Cena beginning to make some waves in Hollywood these days with roles in films such as "Trainwreck" and the more recent "Blockers," a cinema partnership we thought we'd never see has come to fruition. 

Per the entertainment outlet, here is a brief synopsis of Cena's role in the film: 

The novel follows a former consular ops agent who, after leaving covert operations due to the high number of sanctioned serial killings, goes into business as private security consultant. Teamed with a sharpshooter, Janson only takes assignments that he believes will lead to helping those in need.  

These two battled one another in consecutive WrestleMania main events as part of a feud that, ironically enough, was centered around Cena taking shots at Johnson over bolting for Hollywood fame and leaving WWE in the dust. The first meeting took place at WrestleMania 28 in Miami in 2012 with Johnson coming away victorious in his hometown, and they followed up the next year at WrestleMania 29 inside MetLife Stadium with Cena not only earning a win back but the WWE championship as well. As Johnson noted in the above announcement, he actually suffered a pretty severe injury during that second meeting in 2013. 

At this time, there is no release date for the film.