WWE Raw results, recap: Strowman stands tall, Cena-Reigns stays hot

This is starting to become a trend: Another week and another top-notch effort from WWE Raw just in time for the arrival of its biggest television rival – the NFL's Monday Night Football.  

Outside of a weak finish which could've been mistaken with any dark match or house show main event that's purposely booked independent of current storylines, WWE once against delivered on its flagship brand.  

This was another fast-moving Raw on the build toward what is becoming a can't-miss No Mercy card in two weeks. Not only was the in-ring product strong, including a surprise Roman Reigns-Jason Jordan match to open the night, the attention to detail in terms of back-and-forth dialogue segments was what made it shine.  

John Cena and Reigns entered chapter three of their verbal war, and not to be outdone, The Miz and Enzo Amore contributed a worthy contender of their own. In between, Braun Strowman continued to announce himself as the kind of physical threat that is currently unmatched on the entire roster.  

Cena vs. Reigns, Vol. 3 

After Cena watched Reigns' victory over Jordan from a monitor in the locker room, he headed toward the ring to confront him. Cena instantly ripped Reigns' need for promos to be kept short. Reigns countered by offering he has had "more great matches in two years than you'd had in your whole career." They continued to trade insults until Cena got in Reigns' face and accosted him for failing to act the part of "The Guy." But as Cena attempted to exit the ring, Reigns told hi to "get your bitch ass back here."  

Reigns then went on a long rant about ticket sales and revenue being sky high on Raw with him as the face. It was his way of saying WWE can make it without Cena. "That's why you don't like me," Reigns said. "WWE doesn't need you, John, you need WWE." Reigns closed by saying Cena only came to Raw because he couldn't break full-time in Hollywood and jabbed that if Cena needs some help "I know a guy."

But Cena had one bullet left in this war of words and closed with one more message for Reigns, delivered in his face, before dropping the microphone and walking off. "Let me put it into terms even you can understand," Cena said. "At No Mercy, consider it like a drug test, homes. You ain't getting past me."  

This … was … awesome. Going back to the well for the third week proved to be a charm for WWE and the fact that these two still haven't gotten physical remains the best part of the build. Reigns went on a such a hot run of insults late (including a strong Rock reference) that it proved to be the perfect setup for Cena's walk-off evisceration. The only misstep for Reigns was attempting to present Cena as not being on his level as a worker.

Strowman's violent streak continues 

"The Monster Among Men" responded to Paul Heyman's challenge during an in-ring promo asking whether he's "badder than the baddest dude on the planet?" Strowman entered the ring and attacked Brock Lesnar. But after getting hit with a German suplex, Strowman instantly stood up. With a look of disbelief on his face, Lesnar ate a chokeslam and running powerslam. Strowman added insult to injury by stepping on Lesnar's chest while holding his WWE universal championship in the air. He then laid the belt across a prone Lesnar's chest.  

Later in the show, Strowman put on a methodical beating during his match with Cena. A missile dropkick early from Strowman showcases his athleticism. After Cena briefly rallied to hit an Attitude Adjustment late, Strowman rolled out of the ring. He went on to hit Cena in the face with the ring steps. Once back inside the ring, he then powerslammed Cena onto the steps to trigger the disqualification loss. Strowman stood on the steps and raised his arms in the air before mocking Cena's "U can't see me" pose.  

Talk about a vulgar display of power. The only thing more refreshing than WWE's commitment in properly building Strowman as a monster this calendar year is how well the big man has continuously risen to the ocassion each time. Does it get any better for a single superstar than humiliating Lesnar and manhandling Cena in the same night? Seriously, put that into perspective for a second. Strowman is the goods and WWE has done right with him in terms of his booking.

What else happened on WWE Raw?  

Roman Reigns def. Jason Jordan via pinfall: Reigns sold throughout the majority of this 20-minute match as Jordan's huge push continued. One mistake late was enough to cost Jordan the win, however, as a Reigns spear secured the 1-2-3. Like Cena one week ago, Reigns gave Jordan a babyface handshake afterwards.

Sasha Banks def. Emma via submission: Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax sat in on commentary to further advertise the Fatal 4-Way match at No Mercy. Banks rallied from a slow start to force an early tap with her Banks Statement. Later in the show, Bliss and Jax argued backstage.

Bray Wyatt def. Goldust via pinfall: In a nod to his feud with Finn Balor, Wyatt cut a long video promo calling out Goldust for hiding behind his paint to hide his fears and deepest scars. Wyatt then made quick work of Goldust in a brief brawl which ended via Sister Abigail. After Wyatt attempted to wipe the paint off of Goldust's face, Balor ran in to chase him off.  

Asuka is coming to Raw: Now that she has officially vacated the NXT women's championship due to injury,  Asuka will bring her incredible talent and winning streak to Raw "soon."

Elias def. Kalisto via pinfall: After disparaging the Anaheim crowd with lyrics he wrote specifically for them, Elias had little trouble squashing Kalisto in a deliberate beatdown.  

Enzo Amore def. The Miz via disqualification: Amore interrupted a MizTV announcement that The Miz and Maryse were expecting their first child. A worked shoot promo battle ensued with The Miz ripping "the con artist with a couple of catchphrases" for getting thrown out of the locker room and Amore countering by calling Miz out for stealing the moves of others.  Both wrestlers took turns delivering trash talk through a microphone in between dishing out punishment during their match.But Amore questioning who the father of The Miz's unborn baby was became his undoing. Not only did Miz brutally make him pay, so did The Miztourage to force the DQ. After the match, cruiserweight champion Neville laughed in Amore's face backstage.  

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & The Hardy Boyz def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Sheamus & Cesaro via pinfall: A brawl earlier in the show prior to a match between the two heel teams led to this eight-man battle later in the show. They all fought before the opening bell even rang. A hot tag to Rollins eventually took out all four heels. After Sheamus and Cesaro threatened to walk off, Rollins and Ambrose hit their respective finishers on Anderson to get the 1-2-3.  

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