Rob Gronkowski is now in the WWE record books as a titleholder. The WrestleMania 36 host pinned real-life friend Mojo Rawley to capture the 24/7 championship during the second night of the event's broadcast on Sunday night, marking his first official result in WWE and potentially setting up a program for an eventual match with his WWE superstar friend.

As the name of the championship implies, the title is on the line at all times. As long as there is a referee to count a pinfall, the 24/7 title can change hands anyplace at any time. This had led to 96 title changes since the title was introduced in May 2019.

Gronkowski, who won the title by a splash off the Perch, joins a number of other non-WWE personalities who have captured the gold, including Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics, NASCAR's Kyle Busch, FOX Sports' Rob Stone and musician DJ Marshmello.

Since Gronkowski was announced as having struck a deal with WWE, fans have wondered whether the former New England Patriots superstar would step into the ring for an official match. While Rawley -- a long-time friend of Gronk -- made sense as someone on his side, he made as much sense as a potential opponent.

Gronkowski has previously said he has no interest in being a wrestler on even a part-time wrestler but did want to participate in "one crazy match." With the coronavirus pandemic still causing uncertainty about the near-future of WWE -- and the world as a whole -- the right moment for that match is very much up in the air.

WWE held WrestleMania 36 over two nights from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Click here for complete WWE WrestleMania 36 results.