Are you willing to prepare to become the smartest person in the office?

Good. Because we have some odds for the national title game -- a matchup that hasn’t even been set yet! -- that should absolutely get you there.

The Final Four will be played Saturday in Phoenix. And assuming favorites Gonzaga and North Carolina advance, SportsLine expert Kenny White, a renowned Las Vegas oddsmaker, has early lookahead odds for Monday, along with the other possible outcomes. Let’s dig in on a couple of scenarios.

Scenario 1: North Carolina vs. Gonzaga

This is the most likely matchup if strictly looking at the current odds. But as the NCAA Tournament teaches us every year, the only thing to expect is the unexpected.

Nevertheless, if both favorites advance in the Final Four, the Tar Heels would be a 2-point favorite over Gonzaga according to White’s projections.

Scenario 2: Battle of the Carolina’s

Pro tip: Announcing that you picked “Carolina” to win it all is a secret way to double your chances of looking smart. If North Carolina wins it, you’re smart. And if South Carolina wins it, you can say you predicted it all along. You might even be labeled “guru” around the water cooler.

If the battle of the Carolinas were to go down, according to SportsLine, North Carolina would have a 7.5-point advantage in Vegas over South Carolina.

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