UCLA has college basketball's best offense. It's been a joy to watch freshmen Lonzo Ball and TJ Leaf join veterans Bryce Alford and Isaac Hamilton in a high-flying attack that wastes no time getting shots up and can go bucket-for-bucket with anyone.

The look of UCLA's offense, with few stagnant moments and largely eschewing pick-and-roll sets, reminds many of the Golden State Warriors. That's not surprising now knowing, thanks to the in-depth reporting of Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins, that Warriors plays are spliced into film sessions.

UCLA director of player development Kory Barnett and video coordinator Kory Alford note the Bruins are "just like the Warriors," running the fewest pick-and-roll sets among college teams and that coach Steve Alford shared aspirations of opening up the offense.

via SI:

UCLA went 15-17 last season, finishing 73rd in adjusted tempo, and at the end Alford trashed the entire offense. "We ran the same pick-and-rolls as everybody else," he says, "and I got so bored watching it." He wanted to install a turbocharged motion attack, modeled after the Warriors and the Spurs, and conveniently he was getting a point guard uniquely qualified to direct it.

Ball, Leaf and Bryce Alford are top-35 players in offensive rating, per KenPom.com, and the team ranks in the top five in 3-point and 2-point shooting percentage. That firepower is a big reason why all five CBS Sports experts picked UCLA to reach the Final Four in our Midseason Report.

The report explains how Isaac Hamilton is perfect for the "Klay Thompson role," playing off the ball. He's even found a home shooting from the corner, where he was most comfortable on his court at home.

"On my court at home, the farthest shot was from the corner, just because of the way the backyard was laid out," Hamilton told SI. "So when you played H-O-R-S-E, you went to the corner. I like that spot."

UCLA returns to Pac-12 play Thursday night against Arizona State then hosts Arizona in a huge game Saturday.