Kentucky's Kevin Knox, named in Yahoo! Sports report, 'never nervous' about eligibility

A revealing Yahoo! Sports report that shook up the college basketball world on Friday named dozens of players, Kentucky freshman Kevin Knox among them, for their alleged involvement with agents Andy Miller and Christian Dawkins. Within the report, Knox (or a family member) allegedly accepted a meal or meals with Dawkins, the ex-agent at the center of the college hoops corruption scandal.

In the wake of the report on Friday, players from San Diego State and Texas were held out as precaution while universities conducted internal investigations of the allegations. Kentucky, too, conducted its own investigation relating to Knox before deeming him good to go. But despite the adverse circumstances, the freshman says he never flinched in the wake of the news.

"I was never nervous. I trusted Kentucky," Knox said after Kentucky's 87-66 win over Missouri. "I trusted the media people. Trusted Eric (Lindsey) and Deb (Moore). Trusted the compliance, let them handle all of it. Like I said, I just focused on me, focused on my game. I slept well at night. I knew I was going to be able to play."

If Knox was merely giving lip service, it certainly didn't show on the court. He was sensational against the Tigers as he scored a team-high 21 points on an efficient 6-of-13 shooting, and adding a rebound, steal and block in the blowout.

Knox didn't comment on whether he or a family member did, in fact, have a meal with Christian Dawkins (which in its own right isn't an NCAA violation). Instead, he praised his support staff and coach John Calipari for his breakout game amid the chaos.

"That is just what (John) Calipari trained me for and my dad trained me for my whole life," Knox said. "Just block everything out, all the negative stuff, and just be able to play my game. Tonight, I had two good days of practice and I wasn't really focused on anything else that was going on."

With Knox seemingly cleared for the immediate and long-term, Kentucky proved again Saturday it has the goods to make noise in the postseason. A win over the Tigers gave them their third straight win, and with two games remaining, they've comfortably moved from off the bubble to single-digit sleeper in a matter of weeks.

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