The older brother of Texas incoming freshman Mohamed Bamba, the nation's No. 2 recruit in the Class of 2017, posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday saying he told the NCAA the five-star prospect accepted cash and gifts from a financial adviser who doubles as a mentor.

"He's not going to play this year in the NCAA because I already reported him to the NCAA -- and I'm already going to meet with the NCAA," said Ibrahim Johnson, Bamba's brother. "He's not going to play this year. ... I exposed that kid."

Johnson, who has been arrested multiple times this year, made the claims in a profanity-filled 22-minute video in which he alleges Bamba accepted $200 a week for an unspecified amount of time, a bed and various other things from Greer Love, who is a vice president at Huron Capital. If true, and without context, that could theoretically cause NCAA issues for Bamba. But a source told CBS Sports that Love has mentored Bamba since he was "9 or 10 years old" -- meaning, in the NCAA's eyes, Love and Bamba likely qualify as two people with a "clear preexisting relationship." In that case, the NCAA probably would not view Love providing gifts to Bamba as "impermissible" because, in accordance with NCAA Bylaw, the relationship between Love and Bamba would predate "the athlete's status as a prospective student-athlete."

Love's bio on Huron Capital's website lists him as "actively involved in Locke's Lions, an academic and athletic mentorship program for students who attended Public School 208 in Harlem." A source told CBS Sports that Bamba did in fact attend elementary school at Public School 208 in Harlem, which is where, the source said, Love's relationship with Bamba originated. Another source told CBS Sports that Love even served as Bamba's third-grade basketball coach. And a third source told CBS Sports that the NCAA has already vetted the relationship between Love and Bamba and deemed it OK relative to NCAA bylaws.

A Texas official released a statement to CBS Sports early Thursday. It reads: 

"We're aware of the recent social media post regarding our men's basketball student-athlete Mohamed Bamba. As is usual practice by the NCAA, Mo's amateur status was previously reviewed and final certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. The NCAA has not informed us of any pending issues or eligibility concerns at this time regarding Mo. If there are further questions, we certainly will cooperate with the NCAA to the fullest."

CBS Sports projects Bamba as the No. 3 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

He's a 7-foot shot-alterating center and the prize of Texas' top-10 recruiting class.

"When Mo asked me to guide him and help coordinate the logistics of his recruitment, I immediately engaged the former chief compliance officer of two Big Ten/Big 12 schools, who provided frequent consultation on a variety of matters," Love told 247 Sports on Thursday. "Doing things the right way has been our top priority since Day 1. Mo's got way too much to lose to take any chances on anything even remotely impermissible. With my nine-year, preexisting relationship on the line with Mo personally, let alone his college eligibility, I took several additional measures to ensure that Mo was fully compliant every step of the way."