The way things are going, it would be in your best interest to not miss a single minute of UCLA basketball the rest of the year. In the first half against Michigan they were running and gunning again, looking like the Golden State Warriors of college hoops, and Lonzo Ball was out in parking-lot range doing his Steph Curry thing again.

Check out the distance on this pull-up three off the dribble to end the first half.

Yeah, that's deep. Damn near from the center-court logo. And off the dribble for good measure. Ball can be inconsistent with his jumper, which has a funky look to it, but there's also a smoothness about it that makes you expect him to make everything he takes. Plus, the shooting isn't even what makes his so special. Coming into the Michigan game, he had more assists on the year than shots taken.

Not shots made, shots taken.

He doesn't need to score to be great, but when he does, UCLA really gets cooking. What an unbelievable show these two teams put on in the first half. With five minutes still to go in the first half, Michigan had hit 10 threes -- and they were losing. At that point, UCLA was 7 of 8 from downtown and 16 of 24 from the field.

At the close of the first 20 minutes, the teams were a combined 22-30 from 3-point range.

Like I said, you need to watch the Bruins play. And apparently their opponents, too.