LOOK: Louisville football to don Muhammad Ali-inspired uniforms in 2019 season

On Monday, Adidas unveiled a number of alternate jerseys that will be worn by college football programs during this upcoming season, including a slick new black jersey for Nebraska. But one of the most intriguing alternate unis to come out of the collection was the one that will be worn by the Louisville Cardinals this year -- one that pays tribute to Muhammad Ali. 

The all-white uniform is subtle in its homage to the boxing great, so much so that it would be hard to figure out without an explanation. Have a look for yourself.

The magic of the look is in the details. The uniform is designed to resemble Ali's famed pre-match robe and signature trunks. It's primarily black and white, and features a new curved and arched typography that is modeled after the back of Ali's robe while the pants feature a black stripe down the lateral side -- akin to Ali's shorts. As a cool added touch, Louisville will pair the uniform with their standard red gloves, providing the allusion of boxing gloves on the field. 

In today's world of college football, it seems as though most programs attempt to go over the top and get super ambitious with their alternate uniforms, and it often produces disastrous results. (See: Michigan State's new alts.) However, Louisville went simple and did so with a purpose, and the end result is something pretty cool and tasteful, if not overly exciting. 

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