Colorado Spring Football Game
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Colorado welcomed fans for its spring game as it prepares for Year 2 of the Deion Sanders era in Boulder. Though the weather did not cooperate with advantageous conditions, the game itself provided enough thrills for the fans who showed up to get a sneak peak of what's to come in 2024. 

The Buffs transfer portal activity has been high, both with landing top-rated players like Dallan Hayden from Ohio State, but also losing some notable contributors from last season like running back Dylan Edwards. That creates some interesting roster situations for the spring game, which is why the scrimmage itself was scored as offense-against-defense with a wide collection of contributors getting reps on both sides of the ball. 

All the transfer activity has sparked some speculation about Colorado's future with Deion Sanders, specifically tied to whether he plans to remain its coach after his sons, quarterback Shedeur Sanders and defensive back Shilo Sanders, leave Colorado. The Buffs coach addressed that speculation head-on Saturday, saying explicitly that he is "not following his kids to the NFL." 

When asked what he tells recruits in the 2025 and 2026 cycles, Sanders said "I tell them the truth. ... I tell them I'm a father, not a baby daddy. I don't follow my kids. I pave roads for my kids. I build generational wealth for my kids. I lead my kids. I don't follow my kids. So, I do not plan on following my kids to the NFL. But I'm thankful, I'm glad that you already pretty much put them in the NFL. That means you believe in them wholeheartedly."

"I'm not that kind of father," he continued. "I have work to do here. I absolutely love it here. It's beautiful here, especially yesterday it was. Knowing this weather it's going to be beautiful tomorrow because we have no commitments on the field. I'm serious, I absolutely love it here, man. I really do. I would never think a young brother from the South would really love it in this part of the country, but I really do."

Shedeur shines in the rain

This is a Colorado team that has changed both its offensive and defensive coordinator since the start of the 2023 season, and while spring games aren't going to show a lot in terms of scheme, it was notable to see players like Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter and Shilo Sanders out in pads competing against their teammates. 

Since it's Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft, there's obviously a lot of interest around the football world about the 2025 class, and Shedeur is set to be a key piece of that discussion. He got things going early with a touchdown strike to LaJohntay Wester, a dynamic playmaker at wide receiver who arrived this spring after 45 career games at FAU. 

A hard-earned scholarship 

Walk-ons earning a scholarship have become one of the great highlights of spring games. Running back Charlie Offerdahl was the latest player to be celebrated by his teammates. The in-state native received some praise from Sanders before the news was made official in the locker room in front of the team.