Will Zalatoris 2021 Masters
Getty Images

Will Zalatoris had a breakthrough showing at the 2021 Masters, spending plenty of time in the spotlight en route to a runner-up finish at Augusta. Not only did the 25-year-old Zalatoris secure a sizable payday for his outstanding performance, he also earned the admiration of one Adam Sandler. 

The more air time that Zalatoris got throughout the weekend, the more people likened his appearance to the young caddy that helps out Happy Gilmore at The Waterbury Open in Sandler's 1996 comedy. Between the blonde curly hair, the youthfulness and the scrawny frame...the resemblance is there.

The comparisons gained enough steam that, on Sunday, Sandler himself joked about it on Twitter while sending Zalatoris positive vibes ahead of his final round. 

The comparisons apparently aren't anything new for Zalatoris. He's not only heard them before, he's heard them enough to actually reference the movie on one of the clubs in his bag. The golfer has "Mr. Gilmore, I'm your caddy" stamped onto a lob wedge.

It seems that Zalatoris is a good sport and has fully embraced the likeness. After wrapping up his final round on Sunday, Zalatoris even graciously offered to caddy for Sandler in the future. 

If I had to guess, Zalatoris not only announced his arrival to many casual golf fans all across the world this week, he also instantly became a fan favorite.

Eat your heart out, Shooter McGavin.