CBS Sports and the PGA Tour on Monday announced a new nine-year content rights deal that extends through 2030. CBS Sports will remain at the forefront of content distribution for the PGA Tour as it will, on average, carry 19 events annually. Additionally, CBS Sports will alternate years with NBC in which it will carry the entirety of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

"Extending our successful long-standing relationship with the PGA Tour was a top priority, and we are thrilled to add nine more years to this terrific partnership," said CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus in a statement. "We are excited to continue as the PGA Tour's leading carrier of regular-season broadcast tournaments, expand our schedule with all three FedEx Cup Playoff events in alternate years, and increase our use of PGA Tour content across all CBS Sports platforms. For over 60 years, the PGA Tour, the Tournaments and its sponsors have been outstanding partners. We look forward to many more years of growth and success together."

NBC and Golf Channel both renewed their deals with the PGA Tour as well. Interestingly, starting in 2022, some of the PGA Tour's content -- presumably a version of what is currently broadcast on PGA Tour Live -- will move to ESPN+.

These are the places where you'll be able to view golf with CBS Sports leading the way as it has since 1951.

Of note is that it appears the PGA Tour is taking more ownership over its own content. After years of chatter about the potential of a PGA Tour channel or something along those lines, the PGA Tour instead is committing to reinvesting in its own product with money it is getting from partners.

"These new deals will be a major win for our fans, bringing an elevated commitment from all three partners to help us expand and innovate our content and its delivery," said PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan in a statement.

The PGA Tour lays it out here.

Another central component of the new agreements will see the PGA Tour assume responsibility of the onsite production area and technical infrastructure each week, enabling the Tour to more efficiently aggregate, distribute and develop content for its various platforms worldwide. CBS and NBC will still use their own production and announce teams, led by their producers, directors and production personnel.

This is significant and good. It will presumably cut down on costs for networks and provide a more robust (all the shots!) and streamlined product to consumers. Because ultimately, the consumers are what matters here. 

The PGA Tour has a tremendous product as we'll see this week at The Players Championship (where every shot will be broadcast live!), and the future is unlimited for companies like CBS Sports who will distribute that content for the next decade and beyond.