Tiger Woods' old bag sponsor is doing some strange things. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods' old bag sponsor is doing some strange things. (Getty Images)

You think Tiger Woods went downhill quickly, how about his old golf bag sponsor? Woods signed with MusclePharm at the end of last year, replacing a nutritional company called Fuse.

So what happened to the Fuse-Woods partnership? 

According to Moves Magazine, Fuse has now merged with a company called Spiral Energy Tech, Inc. and is now into drone-making techonology.

The whole thing is pretty bizarre. Here's Moves Magazine on what that means for Big Cat:

"Tiger Woods’ rumored millions of shares of restricted stock — which likely would have vested over the five-year term of his contract – are now likely worth zip, zero, nada unless any portion of his holdings were transferred to the new parent company, whose stock closed yesterday at $0.0004."

So the same amount he earned at the Phoenix Open? (Too soon?)

Moves says "the company's products are used in the production of solar and other renewable energy systems, and the transmission of data through cellular and microwave transmission networks or satellites."

I don't know what that means, but I know they've also filed for a patent for "drone support technology," which is a strange thing for a former nutritional company to file for.

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