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Major League Baseball has handed down suspensions and fines stemming from Sunday's brawl between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels that resulted in eight ejections, including six players and both managers.

Between the two teams, including all team personnel, 12 individuals have been disciplined. 


  • Manager Phil Nevin is suspended for 10 games "for the intentional throwing by pitcher Andrew Wantz while warnings were in place." 
  • Injured third baseman Anthony Rendon is suspended for five games, which he'll need to serve when he returns to action. (He's expected to miss the rest of this season, so that would push the suspension to 2023.) Rendon is also not allowed to sit on the Angels bench for the next seven games. 
  • Pitcher Andrew Wantz is suspended for three games due to the aforementioned pitch. 
  • Assistant pitching coach Dom Chiti has gotten a five-game suspension "for his actions during the incident." 
  • Pitcher Ryan Tepera has been suspended for three games for his actions.
  • Pitcher Raisel Iglesias has gotten a two-game suspension for his actions.
  • Bench coach Ray Montgomery got two games for his actions.
  • Interpreter Manny Del Campo received two games for his actions.
  • Catching coach Bill Haselman received a one-game suspension for his actions.


  • Outfielder Jesse Winker has been suspended for seven games for "actions that caused the incident and for fighting." 
  • Shortstop J.P. Crawford got a five-game suspension for fighting. 
  • Mariners outfielder Julio Rodríguez got two games "for his actions." 

The seeds for the brawl were planted on Saturday night, when Mariners reliever Erik Swanson threw a high-and-tight pitch on Mike Trout. Trout and the Angels took exception, and tempers boiled over on Sunday after Los Angeles' Andrew Wantz threw at Julio Rodríguez and then plunked Jesse Winker.

Winker appeared to get into a yelling match with Angels interim skipper Phil Nevin. Conditions worsened from there, with Winker and shortstop J.P. Crawford each throwing punches as part of a massive donnybrook. 

"It didn't really matter what was said," Winker told "They threw a ball over Julio's head, and I wasn't really trying to talk to anybody."

Angels closer Raisel Iglesias reignited the situation by chucking a container of sunflower seeds onto the field.

The Angels and Mariners had played eight games in 11 days.