Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper silenced his San Francisco Giants fan haters on Friday when he hit a 456-foot home run. A fan can be heard clearly yelling "overrated" to Harper before the homer, and the former National League MVP got immediate revenge.

Harper hit a bomb that went for a swim in McCovey Cove and pointed at the fan who doubted him just seconds earlier as he jogged towards first base. I guess he heard what was said in the stands. 

Pro tip: Don't call a six-time All-Star overrated. 

It is no shock that Giants fans are not supportive of Harper, who once toyed with the idea of playing for their team but settled on Philadelphia as his home instead. Harper seems to be comfortable in the role of unpopular opposer. 

The three-run home run gave the Phillies an 8-6 lead over the Giants, but Harper's eighth inning statement was not his only of the night. 

Harper had previously hit a 420-foot home run in the fifth inning that went sailing into right center field. He had already silenced the critics, and the crowd, with his home run, but wanted to make sure the message was clear. He literally "shushed" the visiting, booing, crowd as he rounded the bases at Oracle Park. 

This is the first multi-homer game Harper has had with the Phillies. Philadelphia was not done yet, and put another one on the board to secure win in their 9-6 victory over San Francisco.