Cc Sabathia has had quite the transformation since his last time on the mound. A photo of the former New York Yankees pitcher hit the internet on Monday and he has a bit more muscle showing than he did in his playing days, to say the least. When people began to ask if the picture was photoshopped, Sabathia's "R2C2 Podcast" partner Ryan Ruocco gave the confirmation that it was real.

Ruocco tweeted, "Not Photoshopped. The big fella has been getting after it during quarantine!"

Quarantine has a lot of people lounging on their couch and watching TV, but Sabathia is showing us all up with his rigorous routine.  We're not used to seeing Sabathia looking this slimmed down, but clearly his workout regimen is effective. 

The pitcher was close to 300 pounds at one point in his career, and wanted to work on his weight to help with injuries he was dealing with. Sabathia began working on weight loss 2014 and made a serious change to his diet in 2018, going vegan after knee surgery. In December of 2018, he underwent a cardiac catheterization that discovered a clogged artery. It led to him getting a stent put in.

The leftie played his final season in 2019. The six-time All-Star and World Series champion played with the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers and Yankees in his career that spanned from 2001 to 2019.