Following a scary incident in which a young child was struck by a foul ball during the Cubs-Astros game on Wednesday night, Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant is advocating for the protective netting to be extended across MLB stadiums.

Here's what Bryant told ESPN's Jeff Passan at Minute Maid Park after the game:

"Let's just put fences up around the whole field," Bryant said. "I mean, it's so sad when you see stuff like that happen.

"There's a lot of kids coming to the games -- young kids who want to watch us play," Bryant continued. "And the balls come in hard. I mean, the speed of the game is quick, and I think any safety measure we can take to make sure that the fans are safe, we should do it."

The incident has ignited a conversation about fan safety at MLB ballparks. In Japan, the ballpark netting extends from foul pole to foul pole, and after Wednesday, many players are supportive of implementing a similar protective netting for MLB clubs. Cubs outfielders Jason Heyward and Kyle Schwarber also told Passan they supported the idea.

Before the start of last season, MLB announced that it was extending protective netting at all 30 MLB ballparks to the ends of both dugouts. The young fan that was struck by Albert Almora's foul ball at Minute Maid Park was sitting beyond the third base dugout.

Another fan was hit by a foul ball Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium, according to images from the game's broadcast.

After the game, the Astros issued a statement on the young fan, but did not disclose any further details on her condition.

MLB also released a statement, saying it "will continue our efforts on this important issue." Here's the full statement:

The league previously mentioned installation of more netting might have to be done over the offseason to deal with logistical challenges.