Domestic violence charges were dismissed against Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera on Wednesday by a New Jersey court. Herrera's girlfriend declined to press charges during Wednesday's court appearance. The charges stemmed from Herrera's arrest in May in Atlantic City, N.J. after an incident involving his girlfriend.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Amy S. Rosenberg reports from New Jersey with more details:

Herrera agreed to participate in counseling for another 60 days, his attorney Thomas Calcagni.

His girlfriend, Melany Martinez-Angulo, speaking through an interpreter and accompanied by an attorney, assured the judge that no one had presssured her to decline to press the charges.

Herrera was charged on Memorial Day with assault after his girlfriend sought out security at the Golden Nugget casino and said she had been assaulted. The police report stated that "handprint markings" were found on her neck, in addition to scratches.

Municipal Court Judge Billie J. Moore dismissed the case but said it was contingent upon Herrera completing counseling. Herrera and his girlfriend declined to comment outside the courtroom.

At the time of Herrera's arrest, Major League Baseball placed the 27-year-old on administrative leave while the commissioner's office conducted an investigation. Herrera will remain on paid administrative leave through Friday (July 5) before the league and/or Phillies provide an update on his roster status. The league's investigation is ongoing, and depending on the results of MLB's findings, Herrera could be subject to a suspension. 

Herrera last played in a game for the Phillies on May 27. As NBC Sports Philadelphia's Jim Salisbury notes, it's possible he may not play for the team again this season. Here's Salisbury with more:

Several major league players involved in similar situations have had legal charges dropped but still incurred a suspension from MLB.

It's possible he will not do so for the remainder of the season, depending on the results of MLB's own investigation.

Herrera, 27, is owed about $23.7 million through 2021. His contract cannot be voided, as part of the joint agreement between MLB and the players association. The Phillies would be on the hook for his salary if they released him.

Herrera is a career .276 hitter in five seasons with Philadelphia. He had appeared in 39 games this year, hitting .222/.288/.341 with 16 RBI in 139 plate appearances. In December 2016, Herrera signed a five-year, $30.5 minion contract with the Phillies.

MLB's Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse policy first went into effect in August 2015. Since then, 12 players have been investigated by the league, and nine have been suspended. The suspensions have varied between 15 and 100 games without pay. Over the past year, MLB has suspended Jose Torres (100 games), Roberto Osuna (75) and Addison Russell (40) for violating the policy. This past March, MLB also suspended San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer after he was caught on video pushing his wife to the ground.