Veteran pitcher Jon Lester had a stellar run with the Chicago Cubs, including winning the 2016 World Series. With Lester now a free agent, and no guarantee that he'll return to Chicago, he wanted to show his appreciation for the support that he received over his six years with the Cubs. So on Friday, Lester tweeted that he wanted to say "thank you" for the support and is buying a round of Miller Lite for anyone in Chicago.

All fans had to do was stop by Hopsmith Tavern, The Lodge, Butch McGuire's, or She-nannigan's in Chicago to claim their free beverage. And stop by they did.

Fans got the message and decided to take Lester up on his offer for some free adult beverages. Throughout the weekend, Cubs fans consumed $31,082.63 worth of Miller Lite to bring Lester's tab to a grand total of $47,094.90. The veteran pitcher left a 34 percent tip, which corresponds to the No. 34 that he wore with the Cubs.

It was certainly an awesome gesture from a player that was instrumental to the team's success during their World Series run in 2016. 

Lester had a $10 million buyout option for the 2021 season, which the Cubs exercised. If they chose to keep the veteran left-hander on his current deal, he would have made $25 million next season.

During his final regular season start last month, Lester was emotional regarding his time with the Cubs and realized that it could've been his last start at Wrigley Field. Even if this is Lester's last go-round in Chicago, he certainly left Cubs fans with a great going away present.