The Miami Marlins and New York Yankees have reportedly agreed to a deal for NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton that will send Starlin Castro and prospects (right-hander Jorge Guzman and infielder Jose Devers) to South Beach. 

To further analyze the deal, we asked Rotoworld prospect expert Christopher Crawford for his insight. Remember to follow Crawford on Twitter.

Is this a salary dump, or did the Marlins get a legitimate return?

This is, without question, a salary dump. With all due respect to the two prospects headed to Miami, this isn't close to the value of an MVP. The only reason you make this move is if you no longer want to pay Stanton, and the Marlins clearly didn't. The Dee Gordon trade was much closer to being indicative of value than this one ever would.

Jorge Guzman has now been traded two consecutive winters, what is it about him that teams like and don't like?

While I do think this is a salary dump, I do think there's things to like about Guzman. He has one of the best fastballs you'll see; and there's not much effort. He just needs to command it better and it's an 80 pitch. There's also a 55 slider that shows up here and there. The issue is the third pitch and the aforementioned lack of command. He could be a filthy reliever, but if the change can get near an average grade and he throws more consistent quality strikes, you might have a starter.

Is Jose Devers anywhere near as talented as his cousin Rafael?

Not even close, but that's more because his cousin is an upper-echelon talent. Jose is a better defender than Rafael with a legit chance to stay at shortstop, but his offense doesn't come close. He's probably closer to a utility player than everyday guy, but there is a bit of upside here.

Where did these two rank in the Yankees system, and where do they rank in the Marlins system?

I would say Guzman ranked somewhere in the top dozen -- anywhere from No. 8 to 12 -- in the Yankee system, and Devers wouldn't be in my top 30 for the club. For the Marlins, I'd say Guzman ranks in the top three now, and Devers would be somewhere in the top 15. 

Where does the Marlins' system stack up to the rest of the league?

It's still in the bottom grouping, no higher than 25th in my opinion. There just isn't much here in terms of impact talent. Has it gotten better with these last few trades? Of course, but there was an awful long way to go, and there still is. 

In other words, the Marlins didn't get much in return for the MVP. Crawford thinks Guzman might be headed for the bullpen, lest he improves his changeup and command, while Devers' most-likely upside is as a utilityman. Not great. The Marlins do get to save money, however, and that was their main objective all along. 

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