GIF: Yasel Puig is fast, good at baseball

Dodgers outfield prospect Yasel Puig has lit the world afire this spring. At this writing, he's batting north of .500, and his tools have wowed all who have witnessed them. On Saturday night against the White Sox, Puig flashed no fewer than two of those tools in a matter of seconds ...

Let the record show that Puig is listed at 6'3", 215 pounds, and by the looks of things that weight estimate is on the shy side. Also, note that Puig could've made it in standing up had he chosen the leisurely approach. The ball, you'll further note, did not make it past Dewayne Wise in left, and he fielded it in sound throwing position. As well, by my stopwatch estimates Puig, despite starting from the right-handed batters box, made it to second base from the crack of the bat in 7.55 seconds.

To reiterate: Yasel Puig is fast, good at baseball.

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