There are now only three days remaining in Alex Rodriguez's playing career. The embattled but outrageously talented slugger will play his final game Friday night at Yankee Stadium, after which he will join the Yankees as a special advisor.

A-Rod is not in New York's starting lineup on Wednesday, as expected. After initially saying he would play Rodriguez as much as he wants this week, manager Joe Girardi backtracked Tuesday and said A-Rod will only play Thursday and Friday.

Predictably, Girardi was asked about not having Rodriguez in the lineup Wednesday. He justified it by saying he is trying to put the best lineup on the field and get the team a win.

Mark Teixeira and his .196/.283/.337 batting line is hitting cleanup Wednesday night, by the way. It's tough to take the "we're trying to win games" talk seriously when you see that, especially after the Yankees traded away most of their best players at the trade deadline. They threw in the towel on the season.

Anyway, the real head-scratcher is Girardi saying his "job description does not entail a farewell tour" when he's managed plenty of farewell tours in recent years. There was Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte in 2013, and Derek Jeter in 2014. No manager is as experienced at managing farewell tours than Girardi.

A more accurate answer would have been this: "My job description does not entail a farewell tour for players, unless we like them as an organization." The Yankees would have dumped A-Rod years ago if not for his massive contract. Now that he's begin jerked around this last week, it makes the team and Girardi seem mighty petty.