Josh Hamilton: Wife had to call security in stands

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Josh Hamilton said Saturday morning that his wife, Katie, had to call security at the Ballpark in Arlington before the start of Friday’s Rangers home opener to calm some Texas faithful surrounding her in the stands.

“People were being ugly, not necessarily [just] booing,” Hamilton, the former Rangers star, said. “They were being inappropriate with kids around. And that was before the game even started.”

Hamilton said the security guards remained stationed in Katie's area of the stands throughout the game, and there were no more incidents after the pre-game insults.

Rangers spokesman John Blake said Saturday afternoon that the Angels requested additional security because of a few "overexuberant fans." There were no ejections, according to Blake.

During a brief conversation Saturday, Hamilton seemed to be taking it all in stride. He said Katie was in attendance with their children, and that when the family reconvened at home later Friday night following the Angels’ 3-2 loss, he worked toward turning it into a teachable moment.

“It was a good lesson for the kids,” Hamilton said. “People in general. Don’t put your faith in man. Put your faith in the Man upstairs."

Josh and Katie Hamilton have four children -- Julia (Shea), 11; Sierra, 7; Michaela Grace, 4 and Stella, 1. He said his kids seemed to take everything in stride.

“It’s cool,” Hamilton said. “They weren’t upset when I got home. They kissed me and hugged me.”

Then, among other things, Hamilton said he and his kids went outside and jumped around on a trampoline.

“It is what it is,” Hamilton said. “It’s cool to get ragged on with normal things. But when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie, and people saying inappropriate things, it’s a different story.”

No matter, Katie and the kids were planning a return visit for Saturday afternoon’s game.

“Absolutely,” Hamilton said. “We’ve been through a lot worse. They’re definitely here to support me.”

And the worst should be past: According to Blake, Hamilton's family will watch Saturday's game from a suite at The Ballpark in Arlington. Because of the home-opener crush, the suites were full Friday.

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