San Francisco Giants v. Los Angeles Dodgers
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Due to coronavirus restrictions, Los Angeles Dodgers fans will not be allowed to get an opportunity to fill up their home ballpark and shower the Houston Astros with harsh boos and vitriol. But even with that roadblock in the way, some dedicated supporters decided to find ways to still get their anger and heckling across to the team behind the most prominent cheating scandal in recent sports memory.

Fans were spotted following the Astros team bus as it got closer to the stadium. They flashed signs with asterisks that called the team cheaters, and they banged trash cans, in reference to how Houston would signal to a batter at the plate what pitch was coming from an opponent.

If there is a fan base that deserves this kind of cathartic outpouring of anger, it's the Dodgers, who were the unfortunate National League side that lost to the Astros in 2017 when the cheating was running rampant in the organization. One could argue that they were cheated again as Alex Cora, who was implicated in the scandal, became the Red Sox manager the following season, and defeated the Dodgers again in the World Series. Cora was later let go by the Red Sox because of his participation in that scandal, and the Red Sox were found to have been using video monitors to decode their opponents signs in 2018.

Additionally, the Los Angeles Times reports that at least two banners will fly over Dodger Stadium heckling the Astros before their Sunday game against the Dodgers. One comes from a GoFundMe page started by a fan from Georgia and it will reportedly read: STEAL THIS SIGN, ASTROS. Another comes from a pair of fans and that will read: HEY ASTR*S, TRY STEALING THIS SIGN!

Both signs will fly on Sunday prior to 4:05 pm, one hour before the game's first pitch, as a flight restriction goes into effect over the stadium.