Mariners issue statement on incident, Montero will not play again in 2014

Jesus Montero will not play again this season.
Jesus Montero will not play again this season. (USATSI)

Earlier on Friday, we learned of an incident between Mariners first baseman Jesus Montero and scout Butch Baccala, which occured on Thursday. Long story short, Baccala sent Montero an ice cream sandwich in the dugout in an effort to embarrass him, and Montero went into the stands with a bat looking for Baccala.

Needless to say, a scout heckling a player in his own organization is a significant problem. GM Jack Zduriencik issued the following statement on the matter Friday afternoon:

"First off, it is clear that both Jesus Montero and Butch Baccala engaged in behavior that is far below what we expect from members of our organization, including bad judgment at nearly every stage of this incident.

"I want to apologize on behalf of the Mariners franchise to the Boise Hawks and their fans. We recognize that fans, including children, were impacted by this incident, and the language that was used. We recognize the severity of this incident, and want to assure the Hawks and their fans that it will be dealt with appropriately. In addition, I want to thank Todd Rahr, president and general manager of the Boise Hawks, for his assistance in helping me ascertain what occurred last night.

"Jesus Montero has been recalled from his rehabilitation assignment and is on his way to Seattle. Butch Baccala has returned to his home in the Bay Area where he will remain until further notice.

"We will issue further information when it is appropriate as we deal with this unfortunate incident."

First of all, Baccala is lucky he was only sent home and not terminated on the spot. Mocking your own player like that is totally unacceptable. He is at fault for the entire incident.

After issuing the statement, Zduriencik told reporters, including Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times, that Montero will not play baseball again this year. Montero is on his way to meet with Zduriencik personally, and the team will put him through a program to work out his personal issues.

Obviously there is more information coming, including an update on Baccala's future with the organization.

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