Earlier Monday, the Pittsburgh Pirates agreed to trade Andrew McCutchen and cash considerations to the San Francisco Giants for pitcher Kyle Crick, outfielder Bryan Reynolds, and international bonus pool money.

To make sense of the trade, we asked Rotoworld's Christopher Crawford to break down the prospects involved. You can follow Crawford on Twitter by clicking here.

Do you think the Pirates got fair value for McCutchen?

Probably not, but it's closer than the Gerrit Cole trade. I could be overrating Cole and underrating McCutchen, however. I'd still say in this market they didn't get quite enough.

What's your take on Crick?

There's a lot to like but a lot to concerned about. The stuff is there to be a high-leverage guy. The command leaves a lot to be desired, though. That took a step up in 2017, so it's possible that he could become that guy. It's a risk but a calculated one.

Who is Reynolds?

I thought Reynolds was the most underappreciated player in his draft class, and the most underrated prospect in the Giants system. He has an above-average hit tool, he can go get it in the outfield, and he can also steal some bases. The only question mark here is how much pop he has, but even if he doesn't hit for a ton of power he can be an everyday regular. I like him a lot.

How does this deal affect both systems?

It doesn't swing the pendulum in either direction. It adds some depth for the Pirates and takes some away for the Giants, but there's nothing groundbreaking here.

Do the Giants have anything left to deal with?

Absolutely, they still have their best prospects and there's still plenty on the market. It would not be a surprise if San Francisco does more.