The San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies had an eventful Wednesday afternoon.

In the bottom of the third, Padres right-hander Luis Perdomo sailed the first pitch of the inning behind Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado's back. You can probably see where this is headed -- yes, Arenado charged the mound -- but it's important to know that this wasn't a random act. The Padres had hit Trevor Story in the first inning, just hours after San Diego outfielder Manuel Margot landed on the disabled list following a beanball last night. An inning before Arenado was nearly hit, the Rockies had plunked their fifth Padre in six-plus games this season, striking Hunter Renfroe in the wrist.

Anyway, Perdomo presumably had all the above in mind when he threw that pitch behind Arenado. But Arenado doesn't seem to subscribe to the idea that a bruise for a bruise -- or a breeze for a bruise in this case -- is a fair trade. So, this is what happened next:

For all of Arenado's energy, he didn't land a clean blow on Perdomo. He did, however, manage to knock off Perdomo's cap in a roundabout way. Perdomo, meanwhile, missed when he launched his glove at the charging Arenado. (Padres shortstop Freddy Galvis also chucked his glove during the kerfuffle.) Arenado continued to be steamed well after the brawl had been broken up, with him yelling at Padres bench coach Mark McGwire in a move that he will surely second-guess once his blood pressure drops.

This was all very stupid. 

Arenado, German Marquez, and Gerardo Parra were ejected on Colorado's side. Perdomo and A.J. Ellis for San Diego.

The Padres and Rockies will play again come April 23.