It took until Game 162, but the Orioles finally did something good. 

Baltimore right fielder Stevie Wilkerson closed out his 2019 season by making one of the best catches of the year on Sunday. With the Red Sox and O's locked at 4-4 in the 8th inning of a meaningless game at Fenway Park, Jackie Bradley Jr. looked like he was about to power Boston ahead with a two-run homer to right. 

Then, Wilkerson did this:

That's not only one of the best catches of the season, it's one of the best catches in recent memory. Everything about it is awesome as hell -- from the leap and reach, to the foot planting on the wall and Wilkerson managing to keep his balance. The only thing remotely uncool about this catch is Wilkerson failing to celebrate because he momentarily forgot it was the third out of the inning.

But one can forgive a lack of situational awareness after a dude just made what is presumably the greatest highlight of his life. Plus, better safe than sorry. 

It was a pretty brutal year for the Orioles and their fans, but this catch from Wilkerson gave them one last thing to get excited about before the end of an ugly season. 

Of course, the good times were rather brief for Baltimore, as the Red Sox won on a walk-off in the bottom of the ninth just to be mean jerks.