Eddie Harris was unavailable for comment on Madison Bumgarner's on-field nose-blowing habit. (Getty Images)

Because you don't have enough to watch in Game 2, check out Giants starter Madison Bumgarner and one of his -- quirks.

Watch closely and Bumgarner will be clearing his sinuses in his own way throughout the game. Instead of a tissue, Bumgarner -- presumably an environmentalist -- unclogs his nose by holding down one nostril and blowing out the other. It's known by man as the "snot rocket." (It's alternatively known as "farmer style.")

And, like every other thing these days, there's a blog about it. Check out "bumgarnersnotrockets" on the MLBlogs.com network and the Twitter account @Fawn_Liebowitz (bonus points for the Animal House reference). According to @Fawn_Liebowitz, Bumgarner has tallied 348 (televised) snot rockets during the regular season and 13 in the postseason.

Of course, they also have GIFs:

It's one of those things that fans of a team just know from watching all of their team's games, and those of us who watch casually can miss (or dismiss as a one-time thing). Now that I've seen it, I'll never be able to not see it, and I'm guessing it'll be the same for you. I just hope Fox uses one of its super slow-motion cameras to show us a snot rocket, but I'm betting against it.

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