MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets
Wendell Cruz / USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Bauer, arguably the most online pitcher in Major League Baseball, called out Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard for what the new Dodgers player determined to be distasteful comments towards fans. The call-out came through a Twitter post featuring screenshots of Syndergaard responding to negative comments on a recent Instagram post of his.

Bauer worded his tweet as a defense of fans, claiming that Syndergaard was going after "what makes [pro baseball] games go."

Syndergaard understandably did not take this commentary lightly, and responded to the Los Angeles pitcher less than 20 minutes later with a veiled call out of his own towards Bauer's posting habits.

As they would on the mound, the two then traded a couple more barbs on Twitter before putting things to rest.

Just kidding! After a Mets Twitter blogger made a joke about Bauer dating his agent, Rachel Luba, Thor threw some fuel to the fire, giving credence to the joke and props to the person who posted that -- he also referenced an ongoing bit where the blogger asks if his wife is ever coming back.

As Syndergaard notes in one of his final tweets of the interaction, these are just jokes flying on the timeline. But if you are curious as to whether this sort of beef will spill onto the diamond this season, the Dodgers are scheduled to visit the Mets on Aug. 13. It's some time away so perhaps cooler heads will prevail by then, but knowing how Bauer likes to get things started online, it's hard to imagine this being the last time this beef is marinated.